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Date:Feb.-03-12 10:01:04 am

Ed,I just want to let you know that the Deluxe Chrome C Tenor that you made for me is wonderful.The full,rich tone attests to the quality of the materials and workmanship.Visually,it is a thing of beauty.I may need glasses to play it in significant light.I feel this instrument is a great value for the price and  am already saving for the next purchase from you. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial. Thank you. Brian

Date Tue,Sep 2011 10:12:12-0700

Hi Ed

I had a chance to play the pans a bit today, they sound absolutely amazing! And you were right, that finish is just amazing, I've never seen a chrome that radiant before. I fear the day I need to play those giant mirrors outside, ha ha. But yes they are just beautiful, very rich sound. And I really like the way the high notes ring out, I've heard quite a few drums with choked high notes, not so with this drum it's fantastic.

As for packaging it worked fine, I was surprised to see all the foam in there so nicely laid out. The drums are still perfectly in tune so I suppose it kept them protected. I will be using these boxes anytime the drums need to be sent in for tuning, they look like they will last a while, and when they are too old at least I'll have the padding I can transfer to a new box.

They are beautiful drums, thank you for all your emails and help during my purchase. And I must say this is a quality instrument and I know it will serve me well for many many many years.



Date Tue,13 Sep 2011 10:25:06-0700



       You are more than welcomed to use my email in part or in whole as an endorsement for your site.These are truely beautiful drums and fairly priced.I will tell everyone who needs a drum where I got mine.Thanks Ed

    ~ Andrew