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We manufacture Soprano/leads from "C4 to E6" - and "D4 to f#6". At SteelPansDirect, we do not compromise on workmanship. We maintain the highest standards in the manufacture of all of our products. Our prices reflect the type of visual finish desired by you, our valued customer.We are in the unique position of being able to custom tune your instrument to your desired tone.

We manufacture two types of double seconds. These pans differ by their ranges : (a) .Range:E3 to Eb6 (b) Range: F#3 to C#6. The tones of our low "E" and low F# altos are deep and resonates with rich overtones. These Pans serve well as solo instruments as well as for accompaniment.

At steelPansDirect, we manufacture double guitars whose ranges are "C3 to Eb4; C#3 to G34; and "D3 to A4".Our guitars are vibrant in tone . Again ,in our quest to please you, we are able to manipulate the note to make the tone dark, bright , or any other tone colour you may desire; our goal is to offer you an instrument which fills your musical needs.

Our cello's range is Bb3 to A4. This instrument has a full deep tone while maintaining the richness of all the audible overtones . Because of this feature , our cello is an excellent instrument for playing melodic passages and for chordal accompaniment.We also manufacture triple cellos from B3 and C3.

This pan is the lead in the lower register. They come in 2 versions; 4th and 5th intervals and the major 3rd intervals.Each has a different tone but each is equally rich in overtones . These pan are ideal for playing melodic passages in any ensemble. The range of our 4Pan cello is: G2 to Bb4;we also custom tune cellos from A3, B3 and C3.

Our basses are unique in the industry. We have develop technologies which allows us to achieve extended resonance and perfect accuracy of pitch from our basses; no more that "thud" sound.

SPD offers attractive packages to UNIVERSITIES, SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITY GROUPS. We are prepared to assist you in constructing a package to suit tour needs. Generally, we do offer" an across the board DISCOUNT" of 5 -10% of individual prices when ever we are putting packages together. WE ARE PREPARED, AT OUR COST TO SEND YOU A SAMPLE OF OUR WORK FOR YOUR EVALUATION BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY DECISION ABOUT YOUR PURCHASES

Although we do offer "PAINTED PAN to you, we highly recommend that you purchase a CHROMED PAN.


  • improves the tonal quality; gives a brighter, sharper sound
  • stops corrosion by protecting the surface from moisture


  • does not improve the sound; in some cases it will dampen the sound
  • does not protect the pan from corrosion