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4 Pan Cellos - Custom Mirror Finish Chrome

The Custom version does not have the same brilliant finish as the Deluxe. it does have all its aural qualities.

4 Pan Cellos - Deluxe Mirror Finish Chrome

This pan glitters. The harmonics on this pan stands out;harmonics up to the 9th partial are present.

4 Pan Cellos - High Gloss Paint

This pan has a beautiful paint finish. The lower register has a deep tone while the upper register is bright; there are up to 3 harmonics.

4 Pan Cellos - Standard High Gloss Chrome

This pan has a very bright finish. The lower register is deep and rich,while the upper register is crisp and bright; there are up to 5 harmonics partials present.

4 Pan Cellos - Standard Low Gloss Chrome

This pan has a clean bright finish. With limited sensitivity to touch, this pan is made to withstand rigorous playing.

6 Drum Bass - Standard Low Gloss Chrome

This bass has a very bright finish. The 2 versions have the same tonal qualities of the high gloss TRADITIONAL and ACE basses.

6 Drum Bass - High Gloss Paint

This bass has a bright glossy finish. The 2 versions have qualities similar to the chromed basses.

6 Drum Bass - Low Gloss Paint

These basses are tuned to withstand the rigors of vigorous playing of beginning players. The traditional basses have up to 2 harmonics in the lower register and 3 harmonics in the upper register.

6 Drum Bass - Standard High Gloss Chrome

Our high gloss chrome bass comes in two version;(a) TRADITIONAL FULL LENGTH (b) AIR COLUMN ENHANCED (ACE).

Adjustable/collapsible Pan Stand for Sopranos/Leads

Adjustable folding stand. Easily folded for transport. Can be adjusted to any playing angle and height.


preowned,used and slight imperfections pans

Double Guitars - Custom Mirror Finish Chrome

Although not as dazzling to the eyes as the Deluxe model, this Guitar Pan has the same deep dark tone with strong harmonics.

Double Guitars - Deluxe Mirror Finish Chrome

This pan has a deep, dark yet vibrant tone in the lower register.

Double Guitars - High Gloss Paint

Quality workmanship is never compromised ,even with this budget priced instrument.

Double Guitars - Standard High Gloss Chrome

This pan is suited to advanced high school programs and community groups.

Double Guitars - Standard Low Gloss Chrome

Sensitivity to touch has been limited to accommodate the robust sticking of beginning players;the pan has up to 3 harmonics.
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