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Triple Cellos

Triple Cellos - Deluxe Mirror Finish Chrome

Our Triple Cello has a very powerful, raunchy tone. Harmonics up to the 9th partial is evident throughout its range.

Triple Cellos - Custom Mirror Finish Chrome

Our Custom Triple Cello has all the aural attributes of the Deluxe model though its finish is not as brilliant.

Triple Cellos - Standard High Gloss Chrome

This pan has a very bright finish. Its tone is rich with up to 5 harmonic partials.

Triple Cellos - Standard Low Gloss Chrome

This pan has a clean chrome finish. The notes are tuned to withstand the rigorous playing of beginners.

Triple Cellos - High Gloss Paint

This pan is finished in a gloss almost like that of an automobile. There are up to 3 harmonics on each note.
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